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"The majority of the people of Korea sign a slave contract before they’re born
There are only words in picture books for babies
Even before they learn how to walk, they’re forced to speak English fluently
Why? It’s so obvious why
100 reasons out of a 100, it’s because their parents want a comfortable retirement
Send their sons and daughters off to high-profile colleges to get top tier jobs
They want to work them to death, are your kids your avatars?
Every time November rolls around, I get goose bumps
How many students will leave for the arms of God this year?
Only on the outside does it look like an exam hall, the inside’s a slaughterhouse
I’ll find out the cause of this fucking problem… Money…"
Zico, ‘Dead President’ (via nishikidope)

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Shrek came out 13 years ago

I didn’t know shrek was gay

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Husky Verbally Refuses to Go Into His Kennel

omfg this is like a parent trying to get their kid out of bed for school

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Sunggyu ah, r u 26 or 2 or 6 (maybe 24 or 2 or 4)? LOL


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